Gamal Abdel Fattah Othman

Eng. Gamal Abdel Fattah Othman is an Egyptian businessman with interests in multiple spheres notably construction, real estate and the financial sector.

Born and raised in Egypt, he graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1986 and started his career as an Engineering Officer in the Egyptian Air Force. After completing his military service in 1989, he worked as a Civil Engineer for two years before traveling in 1991. Since then, he worked in several GCC countries, notably Saudi Arabia and Oman. He settled in the United Arab Emirates where he progressed professionally from a site manager until he became the Managing Partner of Ginco Properties, UAE & the General Manager of Ginco General Contracting (GGC).

Under his leadership for the past 16 years, GGC has evolved into one of the fully integrated contractors/developers in the UAE and is a main player in its competitive and dynamic real estate and construction market.

Currently, Eng. Othman is the Chairman and Major Shareholder of Arabia Investments Holding (AIH) Egypt, Chairman of Icon Landmarks Development, Chairman of JAF Investments, Managing Partner of Ginco Properties, UAE & General Manager of GGC, UAE.

Eng. Othman’s advisory board has more than 150 years accumulated experience in investment banking and private equity in the Middle East, enabling him to become a key shareholder and Chairman in many entities, notably among which is AIH where he became the majority shareholder in 2017.